Adult Bible Study: Bible Women Lesson 4

Adult Bible Study: Bible Women Lesson 4

SARAI –Part 1


Whose adorning let it not be outward adorning of plaiting the hair, and of wearing gold, or of putting on apparel; But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible. Even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price.   

I Peter 3:3, 4

Read: Genesis 11:27-32

NOTE: In order to have continuity as we study the women of the Bible, we will touch on some of the pivotal events that transpired in the intervals of time between them.

1. In Genesis 4:1-13 we learn that the first son born to Adam and Eve was Cain. Eve believed that he was a man from the LORD. But Cain choose a different path.                                                                                        

From verses 3-5, 7 of this chapter we learn that Cain ___________________ against God’s method of bringing an offering to God. The result of Cain’s lack of____________________ was that Cain became the first ____________________v 8. Cain never turned away from his rebellion against the LORD as is evidenced by these words from v 16, Cain went out __________ ______ _________________ ____ ______ __________. 

2. Contrary to what evolution teaches, at the very beginning of history, men had ___________________ with each other. Genesis 4:8   According to Genesis 4:20-22, rather than living in caves and being very primitive, what did man’s culture include?

3. At the beginning of history, men lived very long lives because man’s genetic make-up had not yet been damaged by mutations as it is now. With so much time and opportunity, what did almost all of mankind do? Genesis 6:5

4. Because almost the whole population of the world had corrupted itself, what did the LORD plan to do?    Genesis 6:11-13

5. Who was the exception to all the wicked in the world?  Genesis 6:8, 9

6. How did God accomplish the cleansing of the earth from the wickedness?  Genesis 6:17; 7:18-24 

7. How did the LORD preserve Noah, his family, and specific animals, from the destruction in the world wide flood?  Genesis 7:1, 2, 5, 16

8. How was life on the earth changed after the world wide flood?                                                                           

Genesis 9:2    The animals were now ______________ of man.

Genesis 9:3     People were no longer required to be _________________________ in their eating.

Genesis 9:5, 6    What we call ______________ punishment was instituted by God. A murderer was to be _______ ____ _____________ for his crime.

9. What is the promise that God gave to Noah after the flood? Genesis 9:11   

What is the token and constant reminder of God’s promise?   Genesis 9:12-16

10. In Genesis 10, God gives the original Table of Nations. This Table as it is given in Scripture is the same Table of Nations as accepted by world historians. You will see that the nation of Israel is not part of this Table, for as we learn later, God made a nation that was not a nation. What two important items are recorded that affected all later history are in this listing?                                                                          

Genesis 10:8-10  

Genesis 10:25

11. What was the people’s attitude in that Kingdom of Babel that Nimrod had established?  Genesis 11:1-4

12. What did the LORD say that the people were like once again in Genesis 11:6 that was similar to what he said about them in Genesis 6:5?

13. What change did the LORD make in the people’s ability to slow down their progress towards absolute world wide rebellion? Genesis 11:7-9

14. In Genesis 11:10 we see a lineage given of one of the sons of Noah named Shem. To what family is this lineage narrowed in Genesis 11: 26?

15. Draw a family tree for Abram using Genesis 11:27-29.

16. Give a summary of Sarai’s life from Genesis 11:28-31.

17. What important promise (called the Abrahamic Covenant) did the LORD give to Abram, Sarai’s husband? Genesis 12:2, 3

18. What was the LORD’S command that Abram had to obey in order to be gain God’s promise?    Genesis 12:1 

19. Give details concerning Abram’s obedience to God’s command?  Genesis 12:4, 5

20. The place that Abram and Sarai left was Ur of the Chaldees. It was a place of culture and comfort. It had a famous library and modern conveniences. It was the only home that Sarai had known. The area to which they would be going was totally unknown to them. What part did Sarai play in Abram’s call and obedience to God? I Peter 3:4-6

21. How does I Samuel 16:7 relate to I Peter 3:3-5?