The Attack on the Church

The Attack on the Church

Today America is faced with the greatest challenge to personnel liberty and the future of our Republic that we perhaps ever faced as a nation. The foundation of our nation and religious freedom we have enjoyed for over 200 years has come under assault by those who have an agenda they desire to be implemented and established, which would never have been able to move forward at the pace it has without the Corona Virus crisis. There is a multi-layered dynamic to the promotion and implementation of this agenda as well as to its ultimate purposes.

On the surface, the immediate observation is that this is personnel health issue that resulted in our government officials putting in place orders to prevent a pandemic from causing an uncontrollable epidemic resulting in huge loss of life. However, as this pandemic has unfolded, it has become evident there is much more than a rogue virus that is happening. I would like to peel back the layers and examine what appears to be the real core issue at hand. 

When the information was first relayed to the American public about the Corona Virus and statistical analysis presented as to the projected illness and loss of life due to this virus, the numbers were to large it was inconceivable of the impact this would have, not only on our nation, but on the world. This first model given us by Dr. Anthony Fouci was that this pandemic could result in over 2,000,000 deaths in the United States. Although within weeks this number would vacillate finally ending up at a projection of under 100,000, fear had adequately been instilled in the general populace so that when told businesses must be shut down, people must be shut in, activities stopped and the nation as a whole come to a screeching halt with the exception of “essential” businesses, this was readily accepted by the nation’s populace. With models continuing to spell gloom and doom, people willfully yielded their freedoms to prevent this impending biological disaster. The shut down included some rather odd inclusions, hospitals and clinics, except for ICU and emergency care, in order to be prepared for the tremendous onslaught of Covid-19 critically ill patients. Governors requested and received emergency beds, ventilators, and PPE. Businesses, churches, clinics were shut down. However, a strange thing happened, the onslaught never came. Temporary hospitals were never used, ventilators were returned or sent to storage; however, for the most part business, churches and hospitals were not allowed to open. In states controlled by Democrat governors, really interesting things happened. Covid-19 positive patients were sent to nursing homes to recover. This was really strange especially since the most vulnerable  group of the population, open to succumbing to Cover-19, is the elderly especially those with serious preexisting medical conditions, which happen to be found in nursing homes. The percentage of nationally of Covid-19 deaths in nursing homes is approximately 33%. In states such as New York, New Jersey and Minnesota however this percentage sky rockets with Minnesota leading the way with over 80% of it’s deaths by Covid-19 in nursing homes. However, Florida which has a very large elderly and potentially vulnerable population, has under 30% of its Covid-19 deaths occurring in nursing homes and their over-all death rate is much lower than New York for example. This discrepancy appears to be tied to the fact Democrat governors sent Covid-19 ill patients to nursing homes to recover while Republican governors did not. 

The need to open the economy, small businesses, hospitals, clinics, and churches came to the front burner as businesses, hospitals, clinics especially the smaller and independent ones, began to teeter on the verge of permanent closure. Interesting decisions were made and still are being made, as to who and when things could and will open. Decisions appear to follow political lines. In states that have Republican Governors, things were either fully shut down or began to open rather quickly. However, in states controlled by Democrat Governors opening was much different. Planned Parenthood and its abortion clinics were either deemed essential and never closed or opened very early in the process. Likewise, liquor stores and marijuana stores were also essential. Churches on the other hand are still under lock down with threats being issued against them by Democrat Governors and Mayors. You can get stoned and have an abortion, killing your baby, but you cannot go to church and meet with fellow Christians because it is too dangerous and may cause unnecessary death. Why this apparent discrepancy in Governors and mayors’ directions? Let’s peel back the next layer and take a look.

The current Democrat party agenda has not only begun to lean toward but openly has become socialist, fascist and communist in nature. All of these political views fly in the face of our constitution which gives Americans freedoms and rights including, but not limited to, the freedom of worship, the freedom of speech, and the freedom of peaceable assembly. Our constitution also ensures America’s citizens have the right to ownership of property, the right of due process under the law, the right to have private property, (including their own business). Our constitution also ensures that no one including the government itself is above the law. In order to establish a socialist, communist or fascist government certain things must occur. The state must control the business, control the speech, control the wealth, control the movements and even control the thoughts of its citizens  because all three of these forms of government have a foundational base of relativism, secular humanism, evolution and situational ethics ultimately seeking to result in authoritarian rule. The threat to their establishment and ability to remain in power come from Biblical Christianity because of its base in absolutes and truth, as well as independent thinking that is found in those who often are entrepreneurs, who seek to possess and run the town business and not be controlled and manipulated to the state. This explains why the assault on churches and independent business. What has occurred with the current perceived pandemic is that people gave up their freedoms for perceived security which now is resulting in difficulty in getting those freedoms and constitutional rights back. In order to attempt to make everyone whole from what has occurred, the government has placed the nation in a financial hole that may be impossible to recover from, while at the same time in some of the largest states controlled by Democrat governors binding small businesses and churches so they cannot have an impact on the recovery and effectively, for now, silencing  their voice against what is being done with the current transfer of wealth and stealing of freedom. Why would they do this? Let’s peel back another layer. 

Even before President Trump was elected, there was a strong and illegal attempt to first prevent him from being elected and then to remove him from office after his election. Why was this done? President Trump had been at times in the same circles as many of those who it appears may be involved with the attempt to remove him from office. President Trump did not want to get aboard the train of globalism i.e. a one world economy, a one world government held together by a one world religion,  which definitely would not be bound by absolutes. President Trump committed the following sins in the eyes of those who seek to control the world, its wealth and its people though globalism. 1. He said, “Let’s make America great again.” By this he meant let’s make America sovereign again. No longer would it be use by the world to strip it of its wealth and freedom and instead of jumping on the one world constitution train as derived and promoted by the UN and globalists, he said let’s follow our Constitution which has given us freedom, wealth, security and made us a nation unlike any in the history of the world. 2. He stood up for life and against death. He spoke openly against abortion and infanticide. He called Americans to respect life because all men have been created in the image of God and all men have the same rights under our constitution. 3. He promoted taking the Constitution literally and that it was based on absolutes not the shifting sands of socially driven law. What is true today is true tomorrow. 4. He promoted business and understood the importance of small business and entrepreneurs to the health of our nation. 5. He sought to ensure that we have the religious freedom that the founding fathers wrote into the constitution. 6. He sought to ensure that ALL Americans had the freedoms as established in our constitution whose roots drew their strength from the absolutes found in the Bible. 7. He sought to set free minorities and others who had been enslaved to government and enable them to experience the opportunities of successes. 8. He sought to secure America’s borders and make sure those coming to our nation did not come with the intent of destroying our nation. By taking these stands, it meant the agenda of those who sought to undermine the sovereignty of our nation through deceiving the people into willingly giving up their freedoms and establishing a socialist, fascist, communist state that wold result in authoritarian rule and absolute control, would be prevented from achieving their goals.. President Trump did things that began to unravel the plans of those that desired the globalist authoritarian state. He withdrew from the Paris Climate Accord and stated climate change is what is is, a political tool to control people.  He set free the economy so it grew to unprecedented levels. He demanded that our allies pay their share in treaties and NATO. He also viewed China as our greatest threat and began to put pressure on them to stop stealing and trade fair. This can be said to be why China would,either by accident or on purpose, release the Corona Virus and then prevent their people from traveling from Wuhan province to other parts of China while allowing their people to carry the virus all over the world and then not tell the world immediately what had happened, and still not letting the US scientists in to examine the lab, or real first flow of this virus. Why would this be their response? Let’s peal back another layer. 

Currently, there is criminal investigation being led by Attorney General William Barr and US Attorney Durham. If President Trump were to be defeated,  this investigation would come to a screeching halt. The only way that President Trump would be defeated appears to be if the economy (one of the best in US history) would go in the tank. China which was on the ropes economically by the tariffs and trade regulations imposed on it by the US, could only get out from under this stranglehold was if the US economy would collapse. Those seeking to establish a one world economy have already created a new currency to be the world currency and replace the dollar with it, but the only way for this to happen is to have the US economy collapse so the dollar would lose its strength and the world would cry out for this new world currency. The inability of the US to open its economy quickly can result in our nation always being in a state of “the new normal”,. a state that is not normal at all.  This new normal state would be oppressive, controlling and lacking the freedoms we have enjoyed. Things being proposed for the new normal state,  the wearing of masks at all times when we are out and about, social distancing, tracking via cell phone apps, giving personal information at restaurants or other places of business for tracking purposes, and even the potential implantation of nano chips in vaccinations that are administered for our health. (This item being proposed by Bill Gates and Gates Foundation as a way of insuring no one can travel and take the virus with them. This is exactly what occurs in oppressive governments that desire to control your movements, your speech and eliminate your freedom. This is what is currently happening in nations like China where those the government deems trouble to the state can and often times do disappear. The church is often the first to come under assault in this situation because as Paul says we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. 

There are currently two groups of individuals that are under assault in most states run by Democrat governors, churches and independent business owners. In Chicago the Mayor has threatened to destroy the buildings of churches who will not adhere to her guidelines which currently are for only 10 people in attendance at a time with social spacing. The governor of Minnesota has made similar rules but it includes no singing and disobedience will result in stiff fines and/or jail time. What is really happening here? I wish to real back the final layer.  (These requirements being made while large box stores have no similar requirements placed on them.)

This really is spiritual battle. This goes much deeper than politics or whether you want capitalism or socialism are a Democrat or a Republican. The book of Revelation tells us that in the last days there will be a world government with ultimately one authoritarian dictator, the anti-christ, in control. The scriptures also speak of a one word economy where if you do not follow the rules of this dictator you will not be able to buy or sell. The book of Revelation also speaks of a one world religion directed and lead by a false prophet who will direct all the world to follow and worship the “savior” of the hour,  the ant-christ. I believe the beginning of the foundation of thee events is beginning to be laid. What should be our response be?

  1. The World of God is to be our play book and guiding light. As the apostles were told by the Sadducees and the priests not to speak of Jesus, they obeyed God and not men. Likewise, when we are called not to obey the Word of God our commitment and allegiance is to God not men. 
  2. We need to support the persecuted church in the United States not just around the world. 
  3. We need to continue to be watchmen on the wall and warn of what we see coming but more importantly call men to repentance.
  4. We need to be uncompromising in our faith and believe Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. 
  5. We need to acknowledge allegiance to Jesus Christ first and foremost and be willing to seek the Lord for revival to come to His church and true evangelism to the lost.

We do not have to go around the world to experience Christian persecution for our faith, all we need to do is cross the Red River or look across the United States. We do not need to look for abandonment of the faith in years to come, all we need to do is see Pastors who will not defend their flock because they might lose their 501C. We need to stand on the Bible, the word of God, proclaiming the truth of God, unashamed of the gospel and taking advantage of our freedoms while we still possess them.