Through the Bible for Children Lessons

Through the Bible for Children Lessons

Through the Bible for Children is a systematic approach to teaching children the Bible. These lessons work through the Bible versus skipping around. Roberta Knudson, wife of Pastor Glenn Knudson, has taught the Bible to children for over 40 years. Roberta is uniquely gifted in designing engaging crafts for students. These crafts and activities reinforce the lesson. Roberta strongly believes in the importance of teaching the entire Bible and not just select stories over and over again. This method provides a strong foundation of basic Biblical knowledge.

Through the Bible for children is meant to be taught from Lesson #1 in Genesis through the books of the Bible one by one. Each lesson contains memory verse, and craft. Easy printing PDF format with no membership required. These lessons are free to use for your children. The aim of through the Bible for children is to provide a solid Biblical understanding for children through a lesson plan that address the entire Bible. Roberta is providing her accumulation of over 40 years of designing lessons for children to be downloaded for free.






Jesus the Messiah

Genesis, Creation and the Fall and Why Jesus had to Come, Matthew and Luke