Adult Bible Study: Bible Women Lesson 20

Adult Bible Study: Bible Women Lesson 20


Learn: 1 Corinthians 15:58

Therefore; my beloved brethren, be ye steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that labour is not in vain in the Lord.

Read: Genesis 30:25-43

1.After Rachel had given birth to her first son Joseph, what did Jacob ask of Laban? vv 25, 26  


2. By the time of Joseph’s birth, Jacob had served Laban for more than 14 years. Jacob had met all the obligation that he owed to Laban for Rachel and Leah. Why was Jacob anxious to leave Laban’s service? v 30b 

3. Why was Laban so reluctant to see Jacob return to his home and family in the land of Canaan?            vv 27, 30a

4. Laban had probably thought that Jacob would ask for a certain numbers of animals to begin his own flocks. He promised to give Jacob what he asked for hire, if Jacob would stay and continue to care for Laban’s flocks. What were the wages of Jacob to be? vv 31,32

5. The dominant color traits in Laban’s flocks and herds were evidently white among the sheep, black among the goats, and brown among the cattle. Most of the animals were of these colors, but there were a few that were spotted and speckled among the cattle and goats, and brown among the sheep. What reason did Jacob have for making the agreement in this way? v 33

6. This agreement was very favorable to Laban, and of little value to Jacob. Laban agreed to Jacob’s offer, but then immediately tried to insure that Jacob would have little chance of building a good herd of his own. How did Laban accomplish this? vv 35, 36

7. Jacob did not wish to take anything from Laban, for he knew that God was his provider. Jacob was a hard worker and wise shepherd, and by making such an agreement with Laban, he acknowledged that he put his ability to prosper in the hands of God. What are 3 things that he did to build up a good herd for the provision of his family?  Summarize.  vv 37-42

NOTE: In some way not understood (but apparently confirmed by many practical animal raisers since), the sight of white-streaked rods seems to stimulate animals to breeding.                                                                                   THE GENESIS RECORD   Dr. Henry Morris   P 476

8. What happened within only a few years as a result of Jacob’s wise and hard work, but mostly because God blessed him? v 43

READ: Genesis 31:1-21

9. As long as Jacob worked for Laban and his family and appeared to gain nothing by it all went well. But what happened when Jacob began to prosper for his own and his own family’s benefit?  vv 1, 2

10. What did the LORD instruct Jacob to do at this point? v 3

11. Jacob would obey the LORD’S command, but what did he wisely and kindly do, rather than just enforcing his will on his wives?  vv 4-7, 13

12. What two things are specifically mentioned by Jacob to his wives that reveal Jacob’s godly character in verses 5b, 6?

13. What had Laban done to try to stop Jacob from gaining animals for his flocks, even though Laban had agreed to wages as outlined by Jacob?  v 7a

14. How had God thwarted the evil that Laban intended?  vv 7b-9

15. What had God shown Jacob in a dream as to why his flock of “ring-streaked, speckled, and grizzled” flocks had grown despite Laban’s effort to thwart that growth? vv 10- 12a

NOTE: The actual animals that mated, however, were not ring-streaked, speckled, and spotted at all, but were animals in the solid-color flock belonging to Laban. The meaning of the dream, quite plainly, is that these animals were heterozygous, rather than homozygous, carrying the particular genes for streaks, spots, and speckles, even though their own coats were all solid color. God could see into the gene structure, though Jacob could not, and He knew the true nature of animals. Jacob knew from experience that a certain small proportion of the descendants of even pure-colored animals would be off-colored; but he had no way of knowing which ones, or of controlling them. God knew which ones, and could control them, and did control them for Jacob’s sake.  THE GENESIS RECORD   Dr. Henry Morris   P 480

16. According to verse 12b, why had the LORD done all this to ensure the growth of Jacob’s herds? v 12b

17. What did the LORD remind Jacob of, and tell him to do in that same dream?   v 13

18. Jacob recounted to Rachel and Leah all that had happened to him in his service to their father, things which of course, they already knew. Through the years the sisters had envied each other and fought for Jacob’s attention. We can see that Jacob clearly chose to make them equal partners in this decision, and so they were united rather than divided. What 3 points did Rachel and Leah make in their reply to Jacob showing that they had been not been treated properly as daughters by their father Laban?  vv 14, 15

NOTE: Jacob had paid an exorbitant price to Laban for Leah and Rachel. Thus showing his love for them and causing them to love him more. Rather than treating this payment like a dowry, to provide financial security for his daughters’ future well-being and security, as he should have done, Laban had used it for himself.   THE GENESIS RECORD   Dr. Henry Morris   P 481

19. What did the wives of Jacob clearly see had been an intervention by God?  v 16 

20. As soon as Jacob had conferred with his wives, they agreeing with him readily that it was time to go, as God had commanded, what did he do?  vv 17, 18

20. Why was Jacob able to leave Padan-aram easily with all that he had?  v 19a  

21. What sin did Rachel commit as she left her father, showing that she did not trust God as she should? v 19b

22. How did Jacob leave Laban?  vv 20, 21a

23. Where was Jacob heading towards? v 21b

24. What lesson can you take for yourself from this account?