Adult Bible Study: Bible Women Lesson 14

Adult Bible Study: Bible Women Lesson 14

REBEKAH – Part 2

Learn: Matthew 7:7, 8

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: for every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

Read: Genesis 25:1-34

  1. We Remember that God called Isaac Abraham’s “only son.” That is, the “son of promise”; the son  whose birth was the result of God’s direct intervention in the life of Sarah, a woman who was barren and beyond child bearing age. This “only son” was the son of Abraham through whom the Redeemer of all mankind would come.  In the physical and natural realm, Abraham had other sons.  Use verses 1, 2, 12, also Genesis 16:1-4, 16 to list the names of the other sons of Abraham along with the name of their mother. Give the time of Abraham’s life when the sons of each of the particular wives was born.
  2. How did Abraham make provision for his “other” sons before his death? v 6a
  3. What did Abraham do to assure that there would be no conflict between Isaac and the sons of the concubines (other wives) as to who should inherit the land that God had promised? v 6b
  4. Isaac was the son of promise, the heir of Abraham, therefore Abraham ___________ __________that he had to _________________. v 5
  5. How was Abraham’s faith in God’s Word exemplified by his actions towards his sons?
  6. How old was Abraham when he died? v 7
  7. Who was present at Abraham’s death and buried him? v 9a
  8. Where was Abraham buried? vv 9,10
  9. When the Bible gives the generations (the official descendant list) of Abraham, who is the only son named? v 19
  10. How old was Isaac when he and Rebekah were married? v 20
  11. According to verse 11, how did life go for Isaac after the death of his father Abraham?
  12. Though Isaac prospered, what was missing in his and Rebekah’s life? v 21b
  13. Now Isaac of course wanted children. But besides wanting an heir in the usual sense, what was Isaac’s concern because of the bareness of Rebekah? Genesis 22:16-18
  14. How did Isaac deal with the bareness of Rebekah? v 21a
  15. What is the reason that we should pray and ask God for what he has already promised to do? Matthew 6:9-11; Matthew 7:7-11;
  16. What was God’s answer to Isaac’s entreaty for his wife? v 21c
  17. Why was Rebekah worried about her pregnancy? v 22a
  18. Did Rebekah depend on Isaac’s relationship with God as she walked through life? Explain. v 22b
  19. It seems that oftentimes people think that they can depend on the relationship that a dear one has with God, i.e. their prayers, their study of the Word, rather than developing their own friendship with the Lord. A person may think that being with someone who is close to the Lord will carry them along. Is it possible to have a second hand relationship with God? What does Scripture say on this matter?  Explain in your own words using the following Scripture. Romans 10:10-13, II Timothy 2:15, I Peter 1:15, James 1:5