Through the Bible for Children: Genesis

Through the Bible for Children: Genesis


Genesis 1, How God Made the World

Genesis 1 and 2, God Made Man

Genesis 3:1-24, The Wages of Sin

God’s Perfect World Spoiled by Sin

Genesis 4:1-16, The First Brothers

Genesis 4:16-5:24, The Man Who Disappeared

Genesis 6:1-9, Hebrews 11:7, Only One Man Left

Genesis 7:1-24, Safe Inside the Ark

Genesis 8 and 9, After the Flood

Genesis 11:1-9, The Tower of Babel

Genesis 11:27-12:20, Abram’s Call

Genesis 13:1-18, Lot’s Bad Choice

Genesis 14:1-24 The Rescue

Genesis 14-15:6 Who Will Get the Credit?

Genesis 15, God’s Promise to Abraham

Genesis 16, Ishmael’s Birth and God’s Promise to Isaac

Genesis 18:1-16, A Special Visit

Genesis 18:17-19:11, Struck Blind

Genesis 19:12-17 Fire from Heaven

Genesis 20:1-18, Dream

Genesis 21:1-21, Isaac is Born Ishmael Leaves

Genesis 22:1-19, God Will Provide

Genesis 24, A Wife for Isaac

Genesis 25:1-34, The Birth of Esau and Jacob

Genesis 25:19-34, Don’t Forget About Tomorrow

Genesis 26: The Peacemaker

Genesis 26:34-35 Jacob Leaves Home

Genesis 27:1-41 God Choses Not Isaac

Genesis 29:1-14 Meeting at the Well

Genesis 29:15-30 Tricked

Genesis 30:25-31:16 Laban’s Trickery

Genesis 31:17-55 Jacob Flees Laban

Genesis 32:1-33 A Name Change

Genesis 33:1-33 Reunited

Genesis 34:1-35 A Family in Trouble

Genesis 37:12-36 Sold

Genesis 39:1-20 A Slave

Genesis 39:21-40:23 The Baker and The Butler

Genesis 41 Pharaoh’s Dream

Genesis 41:47-24:38 Guilty Brothers

Genesis 43 Testing

Genesis 44 Changed Hearts

Genesis 45 I’m Joseph

Genesis 46 – 50:14 Israel’s Pilgrimage

Genesis 50 A Different Kind of Pharaoh