Through the Bible for Children: Exodus

Through the Bible for Children: Exodus


Genesis 50:15, Exodus 1:22, A Different Kind of Pharaoh

Exodus 2:1-10, Adopted

Exodus 2:10-15, Wise or Foolish?

Exodus 2:15-3:22, My Name is That I AM

Exodus 4, I Don’t Want To

Exodus 5:1-7, I Remember My Promise 

Exodus 6, JEHOVAH

Exodus 7:8-25, Bloody Water

Exodus 8:1-32, Frogs, Lice and Flies

Exodus 9, Pestilence, Boils and Hail

Exodus 10:1-19, Locusts and Darkness

Exodus 11 and 12, Night of Death (I Will Pass Over You)

Exodus 12:37-15:21, A Path in the Sea

Exodus 15:22-16:36 Complainers 

Exodus 17 Trust and Obey

Exodus 18 Too Much Work for One

Exodus 19-20 Ten Commandments

Exodus 24 Broken Laws

Exodus 32:11-35 Who is on the Lord’s Side?

Exodus 33:1-23 Best Friends

Exodus 34:1-36 Willing Hearts

Exodus 36:1-40 The Tabernacle