Through the Bible for Children

Through the Bible for Children

Children’s Bible Lessons

Through the Bible for Children is a systematic approach to teaching children the Bible. These lessons work through the Bible versus skipping around. Providing a solid Biblical foundation.

Each Lesson contains memory verse, and craft. Easy printing PDF format with no membership required.

Lesson#1: Genesis 1, How God Made the World

Lesson #2: Genesis 1 and 2, God Made Man

Lesson #3: Genesis 3:1-24, The Wages of Sin

Lesson #4: God’s Perfect World Spoiled by Sin

Lesson #5: Genesis 4:1-16, The First Brothers

Lesson #6: Genesis 4:16-5:24, The Man Who Disappeared

Lesson #7: Genesis 6:1-9, Hebrews 11:7, Only One Man Left

Lesson #8: Genesis 7:1-24, Safe Inside the Ark

Lesson #9 Genesis 8 and 9, After the Flood

Lesson #10 Genesis 11:1-9, The Tower of Babel